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"We enrolled our oldest son the first year the Academy began. He is now enjoying his senior year and being accepted for admission to his colleges of choice, with scholarships. Although we have the top public schools in our area, we chose the Academy so both of our children would experience greater diversity and teachers that celebrate Christianity. Additionally, Eastbrook Academy offers small class size and rigorous academics. The result is our children are challenged:

  • to excel academically,
  • to be included in a range of athletics, arts and social activities, and
  • to stretch to character excellence.”

Jeff and Martha Carrigan, parents of Mack (2011) and Gil (2013)


"We are so thankful our grandchildren are able to attend Eastbrook Academy. The teachers and administration are gracious and welcoming to friends and family, and offer many ways to be involved. Having a school where excellence in academics is emphasized, along with the teaching of God’s Word is a blessing."

John and Margie Matthews


"The teachers are committed Christians. This is exemplified not only in what they say, but how they act, how they interact with the students and parents, their commitment to the character education of the students and how this deeply impacts the students' academic performance.

Academic excellence is a priority and a reality. What school doesn't want to say they strive for excellence? We see it fleshed out in the lives of the kids as they are challenged in the classroom and in their homework, using creative methods to teach, yet not making the creativity the goal in teaching,but the means to an end of learning. Kids are pushed beyond their comfort levels, and encouraged to meet the challenges head on.

We love the ethnic, racial and cultural diversity of the school. What a rich learning atmosphere the school is, as kids bring in their different backgrounds under the banner of the love of Christ."

Tom and Mary Keppeler

School Secretary
Mrs. Annete Enters
(414) 228-7905 ext. 305



Office Assistant
Mrs. Jennifer Rasch
(414) 228-7905 ext. 305


"Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.
Matthew 5:16 (NIV)