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Eastbrook Academy High School is committed to providing a classical education where students form logical and fact-based arguments to defend their own opinions.

In addition to developing nkrhetorical skills, our goal is to spark both thought and the enjoyment of lifelong learning in all subjects including Literature, Math, Science, History, Languages (Spanish and Mandarin) and Fine Arts. Classes are taught from a biblical world-view by teachers who model inquisitive learning. This traditional approach is designed to maximize the student's opportunities for admission to competitive colleges and universities.

Eastbrook Academy has adopted the State of Wisconsin academic standards for promotion and graduation.

22 credits are necessary for graduation:
19 core academic credits 3 additional credits

Course Credits
English 4 Credits
History 4 Credits
Mathematics 4 Credits
Science 4 Credits
Language 3 Credits
Physical Education 1.5 Credits
Fine Arts 1 Credit
Rhetoric 0.5 Credits
Worldview 4 Credits *

*EBA requirement.  Transfer credits will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Most core courses are taught as Advanced Placement or in preparation for Advanced Placement testing. Eastbrook Academy High School has a 100% graduation rate. Because the Academy is a small school with a rigorous classical curriculum, class rank is not computed. 100% of our students apply for and receive college admission. 100% of our students take either the ACT or the SAT tests


Grade Week (day) Days Time
9-12 Full-Days M - F 8:20 a.m. to 3:35 p.m.


What does it mean to be a graduate of Eastbrook Academy?

Eastbrook graduates are equipped to live virtuous lives of integrity, demonstrating faith, hope, love, and respect in the world. Armed with the ability to think broadly and creatively, they possess the discipline and tools of learning necessary to master any field of study they pursue. They are logical and effective communicators of truth, who think critically, listen carefully, read intentionally, speak thoughtfully, and write clearly. Students graduate with a Christian worldview, enabling them to discern and act upon what is excellent in the eyes of the Lord. Ultimately, graduates apply their knowledge to action with wisdom and virtue, becoming exceptional and productive adults.



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