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The classical education model at Eastbrook Academy is based on a three-part process of training the student's mind. This classical approach is called the trivium. In a biblical sense, it could be viewed as stages of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

Grammar Stage (Lower School) - "Knowledge" The early years of school, the grammar stage, is spent absorbing facts, systematically laying the foundations of advanced study.

Logic Stage (Middle School) - "Understanding" By 5th grade, a child's mind is developmentally ready for the "logic stage". By God's design, middle school students are less interested in finding out facts and more interested in asking "why". Students pay attention to cause and effect, to the relationships between different fields of knowledge and they are able to piece facts together in a logical framework. At the middle school level, teachers teach skills of reasoning, to critically question, analyze, evaluate, discern causes, motives, and to investigate theory.

Rhetoric Stage (High School) - "Wisdom" During the high school years, students learn to express themselves and become proficient in communicating analyzed information. They ask questions, investigate the truth and then formulate responses. They hone their communication skills by reporting verbally and in writing.