ISACS Accreditation


ISACS Fact Sheet -  Accreditation?  What is it?  Why do it? 

We have exciting news for you as our school is currently undergoing an accreditation process. Educational accreditation is a process by which schools evaluate their programs, services and operations to determine that certain standards are met.  In the United States, there are a variety of accrediting institutions that are usually membership based and offer resources for schools undertaking the process. 

This year, Eastbrook Academy will be going through a self-study process through the Independent School Association of the Central States (ISACS).  Part of this process will include a constituent survey that will include parents, teachers, staff and even some of the upper level students.  Look for the surveys in May, during our Presentation Day celebratioisns and Spring Concert! 

This is an exciting time for Eastbrook Academy.  Accreditation through ISACS confirms that our school subscribes to principles of good practice in admissions and employment; validates that the school has met more than fifty standards of best practice for independent education; and attests that the school has a fully developed and disclosed mission and philosophy of education, and that its programs are in congruence with that philosophy.

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Please join us in our efforts to build EBA to be all that God has intended for us to be.